Sunday, June 5, 2016

Weekly Roundup

I am happy to say that my plans for this Sunday are as follows: making some brunch, drinking some coffee, and reminiscing on walking the mossy oak lined streets of Savannah, GA. We just got back from our surprise trip to Jax this past week and I am just now catching up with the harshness of reality. This was also our first time taking Beanie with us which was probably one of the most stressful moments of our life, I can now say I have some understanding of what Moms go through taking their kids everywhere praying that they don't make a fuss, or suddenly spray poop everywhere and stink up the whole plane (sorry for the visual). We made it through alright and I didn't have that overbearing guilt of leaving her behind in a kennel...would I do it again? Hmmm....ask me again in another week.

Like always here are some of my current favorite things floating around the web, now if you excuse me I have some pancakes to flip :)

-THIS beautiful lattice rhubarb dessert from Baking a Moment is probably one of the coolest things I've ever seen

-This amazing project by Mihaela Noroc titled "The Atlas of Beauty" features stories of women around the world and showcases the diversity of natural feminine beauty in all kinds of environments and cultures.

-These plates from Anthropologie would fit perfectly into my collection.

-Lately I have been trying to...for lack of a better word, "improve" myself. By that I mean thinking more positively, reading more, getting back into hobbies, etc. This article by Finance Girl is discusses 11 habits you need to break and let's just say I have a lot of work to do.

-To make you smile (and because I wish I had an animal that loves me this much).

-Reaaallllyyyyy love these shoes! Can I walk in them? Well, that's a different story

-If you need to get rid of some furniture but don't wanna risk your life meeting someone on Craigslist, you should check out Move Loot

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