Saturday, April 5, 2014

THE BEST Chocolate Frosting EVER!!

Well I'm gradually getting into the grove of things since the wedding madness and the big move! Everything is falling into place and slowly coming out of boxes. It's always weird when you know that one part of your life is over and a new phase is beginning but I guess it's a chance to start fresh and discover how you hold up outside of your comfort zone. Until then, I can only do what I do best: eat, and make this orgasmic chocolate frosting! (Did you like that tasty segway or what?)

In case you already couldn't tell by my excessive use of caps, this really is the BEST chocolate frosting ever. Not only is it suuuuper easy to make, it also spreads and pipes really well, which makes it ideal for decorating. Unlike your super dense cream cheese based frostings, this is heavy cream based which creates this rich chocolate whipped texture. One thing you might want to be cautious of is to not leave it out for more than two hours, it might start to separate (plus it's not good to leave dairy based foods out anyway). Other than that, good luck having enough reservation to not eat this entire batch directly from the mixing bowl.

THE BEST Chocolate Frosting... EVER!!

1 cup confectionery sugar
1/2 cup cocoa
1 pint whipping cream
Pinch of salt


1.Place whipping cream in mixing bowl. Shift remaining ingredients together and add to cream.

2.Mix in gently, then beat on high until a thick, frosting-like consistency forms.


  1. This chocolate frosting looks so smooth and spreadable. I LOVE that cake stand.

  2. Thank you Chineka! It really is the best frosting ever!


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