Monday, April 28, 2014

Let's Talk About Scrapbooking...

I know I haven't really talked about this before on the blog but I just couldn't resist sharing some of the scrapbook pages of our wedding. It seems like the majority of people now a days order photo books online, which is perfectly fine but I must admit I have always been a sucker for a good scrapbook session. I can remember back to when I was ten years old I would attend scrapbook meetings with my mom and we would scrap until midnight (what can I say, I was always a bit of a photography nerd). A scrapbook seems so much more personal and unique to your style in that point in time. Below are a couple of tips and tricks I've learned along the way.

Tips and Tricks

-Make sure you dedicate a large space for this project, it's gonna get messy! Try to keep every picture organized and in chronological order, also make sure to have a trash bag on hand so the paper trimmings don't get everywhere.

-Don't just include pictures but anything that ties you to a memory. I used wedding cards from friends and family, programs, napkins, my bachelorette sash, favor stamp, and our invitations for decoration.

-Always experiment and move pictures around before committing to the glue, make sure your spacing is where you want it to be, if anything needs to be trimmed, etc.

-Be open to writing/drawing on pictures. I like doing this because I feel it gives it a more 'journalistic' touch.

-Look around and compare photo prices. I find it more expensive to print at home with the price of photo paper and ink, so I went to Walmart, you can order your pictures online and if you buy 100 they are only 9 cents a print.

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