Friday, April 11, 2014

Furniture Makeovers

I have always been a fan of antique furniture, I think it's always better to buy a piece that has a story to tell. It's neat to think about what was going on during the time period which it was built. This love along with my avid HGTV watching has led to many DIY projects around our new place! We both have never had this much room to work with before, so we're doing our best to fill each space with unique pieces tailored to our tastes and style while still remaining on budget!

This was a table a snagged at a local yard sale. It wasn't in too bad of shape and I loved the detailing on the chairs and the fact that the table was on wheels (which makes for easy food photography convenience). While there was one dark stain on one of the chairs, the rest of the imperfections came out with a good sanding. Because of all the small nooks and crannies, I sanded all of it by hand using #120 to remove the old finish and then a fine grit of #220 to prep the wood for priming.

I'm not gonna lie, it took me a loooong time to sand this set but the results I feel were well worth it. Now we have an awesome table that's the perfect size for our dining room and costs us less than $50.

Cost of table and chairs $25
Minwax wood finish Ebony $5
Minwax fast drying polyurethane $5
Sandpaper $3
Brushes $2

Total: $40

Above is a computer desk I've had for quite some time now, the backing was of simple bare wood and I felt it needed some spiffing up. At Walmart in the spray paint section they have both magnetic and chalk board paint. With some simple light sanding I was able to paint this in one day (despite having to do multiple coats). Even though I taped off the edges with painters tape, I ran into some trouble when it was time to take it off (is it just me or does this blue tape never does what it's supposed to?). As you can see by the corners it needed some touching up afterwards.

Chalkboard paint $6
Magnetic paint $7

Total: $13

With just two products we now have a fun space to hang pictures and write messages.

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