Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fun with Japanese goodies...

During that going away shindig I was telling you about, it just so happens that my friend brought along a souvenir from Japan that someone brought him. I couldn't find an online store for this brand but a couple of people are selling them individually through amazon and what not. The makers of Happy Kitchen through the use of science, trickery, and maybe even a little magic take full on detailed desserts/meals and shrink them down to a small biteable size without even having to turn on your oven. Never has an activity been simultaneously so fascinating and yet so disgusting. I loved it.


The inside package contains plastic molds and a tsp measuring cup as well as a spoon, a knife, and multiple packets of dehydrated product just a waitin' to be revived. The outside wrapper also has cut-out decorations including the fry package, the soda cup label, the burger flags, and the fry papers.

So how did it taste?
Honestly, it wasn't as revolting as you would think. Although the thought of eating dehydrated chicken and beef giblets kinda freaked me out, it was a super cool experience. For the most part, everything tasted the way it was supposed to except the taste was slightly altered...the soda smelled like Coke but it didn't really taste like it, the fries tasted like stale potatoes, and the bun was slightly tough and chewy, let's be honest though, you don't really buy these things for the taste. Apparently this brand also has a doughnut, cake, and sushi candy version and I must say it is my current mission to try them all!

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