Tuesday, July 23, 2013

30 Day picture challenge: Day 2

Behold! I am actually taking a fashion picture outside of my backyard! Usually I am way too self conscious about taking fashion pictures in public, I am so scared that people will think I am weird or full of myself (it's all about the clothes, I swear) today I finally paid Public School Number Four a visit which is an old abandoned school building located in Downtown Jax. Although I wasn't able to get inside, the outside was pretty interesting. I have always had this strange fascination for old buildings, I imagined all the students that have wandered these halls, sat on these steps, all the teachers who taught in these classrooms and now it sits, dilapidated beautiful and forgotten. Followup post with more pictures to come!

What I wore:
Dress - Marshalls
Denuim vest - Forever21 circa 2006
Boots - Kohls
Chain watch - Charming Charlies
Glasses - Forever21
Hat - Walmart boys section
Camera - Konica FS-1 Film

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