Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jacksonville's Rock on the River 4

Yesterday I experienced my first Rock on the River hosted smack dab in the heart of Jax. I was lucky because my current favorite, seemingly "underground" bands were opening this year - iamdynamite and The Features (to hear some of their tunes check out my previous current playlist post) While I was only able to catch the tale end of iamdynamite due to work, they were still amazing live! The Features also didn't fail to disappoint, despite the deathly hot temperatures. The lineup also included New Politics, RDGLDGRN, The Virginmarys, Breaking Through, and Coheed & Cambria. One thing I liked about this event (besides it being free) is the relaxed atmosphere, there was no strict security, no water bottle natziz (I would bring some drinks next time), and the supposed "VIP" sections was just a single roped off center portion in the balcony, we were literally two steps to the left and had just as good of view.

This drummer was amazing!

What happens when an old dude enters a mosh pit...

poor guy.

If you want to listen to these bands, check out my current playlist

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