Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tasti D-Lite (Now Closed) :(

So as you can probably tell by my lack of posts these past couple of days I have had one rough week. School has been driving me nuts, I am having to fight for a degree I have rightfully earned, I haven't found a job yet, and lately I just feel like throwing in the towel, pouring myself a bowl of coco puffs, climbing into my pillow fort and screaming "I DON'T WANNA BE A GROWN UP ANYMORE" over and over again. Yeah. It's been rough. It's days like these I turn to Tasti D-Lite. For those of you who are Tasti virgins, this is NOT frozen yogurt or ice cream (although they do offer some frozen yogurt options), it actually tastes like soft serve ice cream in every way except they take all the butterfat out of it so it magically becomes healthy! What sorcery is this you ask? How can this be?! I myself am still trying to figure it out...but what I DO know is this:

1) Tasti is lower in fat content and calories than regular ice cream and frozen yogurt

2) They use all natural ingredients

3) You can get it in over 100 flavors and believe me, I have tried every single one and I have yet to meet one I didn't approve of!

Here is the infamous flavor board. They always have vanilla and chocolate on tap along with a flavor of the day. I would type them all out for you but chances are if you can think it up, they can make it for you. They have even let me mix flavors, my best creation would have to be ultimate cake batter which is cookies and cream mixed + birthday cake + rainbow sprinkles.. a few of my other favorites would be nutella, pistachio, buttercrunch mania, green tea, and pb&j sandwich (it tastes freakishly JUST like a sandwich).

Tasti also serves a variety of other desserts such as smoothies, milkshakes, fruit cobblers, coffee beverages, and fruit and granola parfaits like the one below. This MASSIVE treat is a regular sized parfait layered with vanilla Tasti, granola, and strawberries and it is only 160 calories!!!

They also have seasonal flavors like pumpkin pie (below) and cotton candy and bubblegum in the summertime.

You can get your Tasti in a cone bowl, waffle cone, cake cone, or sugar cone and of course everything is better with sprinkles!

I highly recommend you check out Tasti D-Lite on the Five Point strip! Be warned though, once you start on the flavor board you just can't stop!

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  1. I totally agree - lovely friendly place!

  2. Glad you guys have checked it out! :)


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