Friday, March 8, 2013

Fashion Friday: D.I.Y. Glitter Heels

So I've had these pair of heels forevvver, I haven't worn them because they're a little beat up and I'm not digging the fake wood heel. I've tried to give them to Plato's Closet AND even put them in a yard sale but I had no takers. Great...what am I gonna do with these now? The answer lies within the most truthful phrase ever muttered; If it's ugly - cover it with glitter!

Step #1: What you'll need

-loose glitter OR glitter glue (color of your choice)
-mod podge
-Clear, flat spray paint
-painting tape (optional)

Step #2:

I had to do a couple of additional things with these heels, the heel and the bottom half were wood so I colored them black with a sharpie. I taped the edges of the shoe just to make the painting process easier but in the end I found the tape wasn't really necessary.

Step #3

Make sure the shoes are relatively clean, then simply brush on the glitter glue and let dry in between coats (this picture shows the first coat) I think it took about 3 coats total for full coverage. If you are using loose glitter and mod podge, just mix the glitter in the glue until a thick paste-like texture forms.

Last step is to spray the shoe with the clear spray paint when the glitter glue mix dries. This coat prevents the glitter from falling off and it provides a protective barrier from water.

There ya go! From drab to sparkling!

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  1. OMG. I'm in love. I need to do this with some of my old shoes!


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