Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tijuana Flats in Jax!

I must say I was pretty excited to try this place after my friend in Tampa raved about it! It's nestled along the busy strip by Publix right across from the Starbucks (a.k.a the ex-fancy sushi restaurant.) I was kindly greeted by the hostess and she quickly explained the menu to me and took our drink orders. This place is pretty close to a Moe's only they bring your food out to you after you order at the counter. As soon as you walk in it definitely makes an impression! The walls were brightly painted, multicolored lights were hanging from the lime green painted ceiling, current rock in roll music is blaring, and there was even an extensive hot sauce bar with catchy names such as "chicken shit sauce." After much deliberation I decided on the fish tacos with homemade pico de gallo, shredded cabbage and citrus dressing on a whole wheat tortilla (also comes with chips) The wait was kinda long which was understandable considering it was lunch hour and the place had opened up only three days prior. My friend got the Chicken tacos with cheese, pico de gallo, black beans and sour cream. All in all my taco was tasty. The fish was grilled and nicely seasoned, pico de gallo tasted fresh, the only thing was my tortilla was a tad soggy due the slightly overwhelming amount of citrus dressing on it. However, all in all, it was a damn good taco. While Moe's holds a special place in my heart, I might make a return visit to Tijuana just because of the groovy atmosphere, pretty tasty food and friendly waitstaff.

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