The Nifty Cupcake

Monday, August 29, 2016

Holiday Event Wish List

Summer is finally winding down and with it comes the anticipation of fall! I am beyond excited because, for the first time ever I will actually enjoy a REAL fall season! Growing up in the southern US we pretty much had two seasons, hot and less hot. Now that we're in the PNW I am looking forward to watching the leaves change and not having to turn on the a/c Christmas morning. When I started doing some research on local events, I was shocked at how packed the calendar was! This is just a fraction of what's available. I chose the ones that were more affordable and closer to Hillsboro, some did not have dates posted yet so keep checking back to find out an exact day & time.

Sep 3-5Art In The Pearl, Portland Oregon’s annual Fine Arts & Crafts Festival
Feast Portland
Sep 24 Oaks Park Oktoberfest (for the weenie dog races)

Friday, August 26, 2016

Our New Place

This place is finally starting to feel like home, even though I am still a tad in denial that we live in such a nice area! A part of me can't believe Oregon is real, the people, the food, the landscape - it's like I have been unknowingly dreaming about living here for ages and I've finally come home.

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